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Klinker paving bricks

paving klinker bricks is manufactured only from domestic, natural, raw materials which are also stable under difficult climatic stresses due to their organic composition and are characterized by unsurpassed durability. The klinker paving bricks satisfies applicable DIN standards and is resistant to alkaline solutions, absolutely frost-proof (in accordance with DIN 18 503), pH resistant and […]

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“EDEL – Brand” brick facade

Its exceptional appearance “NOBLE Baked” is produced by special firing techniques, and the addition of natural minerals. The surface structure of the clinker has an embossed and vivid effect. Shadings are enhanced and create a dynamic play of color. To reinforce this effect, foot- and smooth-sorted clinker bricks are installed irregularly while walling up. Sizes […]

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Acoustic bricks

Noises and irritating noise are vibrations which are generated at a source. They occur through the use of energy and progress as sound waves. There are two different types of sound: Impact sound also generates air sound waves. Sound waves spread out like water waves and are reflected when they hit other materials. Airborne sound […]

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Terracotta facade

The Terracotta facades are important architectural design elements for representative facades structures. Architects and Designers as well as master builders value the material as interesting architectural language of high quality with broad spectrum of colors which donate interest as well as admiration. GIMA had developed concepts for the contemporary production of durable terracotta facades in […]

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Bio-cellar Brick

Special bio-cellar floor covering must for every wine specialist looking for the best ecological Bio-cellar bricks for Wine cellars. This solid klinker bricks type DF & type NF are climatically self equalizing, made of burned loam, particularly worthy of recommendation from an ecological perspective. The Bio-cellar bricks are frost-proof, pH resistant, resistant to high pressure, […]

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Klinker facing bricks

The facing brick is a brick that has been burned to sintering, which must have water absorption = 7% and which naturally must be frost-resistant. GIMA facing brick have proven to be ideal facade materials relative to the pollution and aggressive substances in the air today. The dense, closed surface of GIMA facing brick ensures […]

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Klinker bar format

The klinker bar format extruded brick is vertically perforated facing material. The Bar format is a proven and tested quality product from Gima that far exceeds the minimum requirements of DIN 105 and/or EN 771-1. The horizontal lines of the constructed area are emphasized by the longitudinal lines created by the bricks, donating a very […]

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Hand-made flooring tiles

The hand-made flooring from Gima is manufactured in the traditional manner using muscle power and a lot of skill using high-quality raw material from own pits. The still damp clay is pounded and pressed into the sanded mold, which produces a building material imbued with totally individual characteristics. Compared with machine-produced floor tiles these shine […]

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Euro-module Klinker

Euro-Module formats are made by Gima for the optometric modular coordination (in increments of 250 mm), in the deciraster (with 100 mm increments, also called EURO module) and in the office extension planning module (with 440 mm + 10 mm joint). Planning in deciraster is simple, there are no complications. In the frequently used formats […]

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Baguette facade stylish elements of different shapes provide creative architectural design language on one hand and functional elements to provide screening of different utilities. Baguettes may be used as further design elements in facade detailing, e.g.: Sizes & Shapes: Baguette Square rectangular cross-section As an alternative to the square cross-section, baguettes can also be produced […]

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Louvers shading elements

In the wake of increasing energy costs, the controlled direction of daylight is increasingly awarded greater significance. The desired shading effect, which results in considerable energy savings when it comes to cooling buildings, is countered by the darkening effect. Rooms are darkened by the shading elements to such an extent that there is greater reliance […]

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The Lamellas are special facade elements, which can be used in conjunction with or independent of the Alphaton and Longoton facade systems. The Lamellas may be installed passively, fixed in the facade, or can be movable elements. Rotation about their longitudinal axis allows control of light and views desired. Lamellas may be integrated horizontally and/or […]

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Longoton clay tile Facade

Longoton® extruded double skin tile 40 mm thick is the optimum solution for curtain wall, ventilated and thermally insulated facade, there where needed long size covering.The material is produced from clay predominantly from Moeding Keramikfassaden GmbH own pits developed near by the production area. Long firing time in high temperatures of its high quality clay […]

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Sigmaton clay tile facade

Sigmaton one skin tile 25 mm thick is a version of facade system low weight for Horizontal cladding. Sigmaton extruded clay tile is produced from clay predominantly from Moeding Keramikfassaden GmbH own pits developed near by the production area. Long firing time in high temperatures of the high quality clay contributes to achieve Sigmaton extruded tile strength and […]

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Easy deck

Megawood Easy deck barefoot solid board has ribbed parallel 7×2 mm grooved smooth finish on one side and on opposite board side ribbed parallel 6×5 mm deep grooved smooth finish. This board design versatility as well as its technical characteristics makes it valuable partner material for Architects, Landscape architects, Developers, and private customers. Its qualities […]

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