Louvers shading elements

In the wake of increasing energy costs, the controlled direction of daylight is increasingly awarded greater significance.

The desired shading effect, which results in considerable energy savings when it comes to cooling buildings, is countered by the darkening effect.

Rooms are darkened by the shading elements to such an extent that there is greater reliance on artificial light.

Making innovative use of ceramic shading elements means that the darkening effect can be minimized. On the one hand the shading elements can be fitted to be movable. By means of a rotatable bearing assembly on the shading elements, it is possible to control the dark areas.

Added investments costs for drive and control systems also comes with increased maintenance costs.

It is also possible to achieve a light direction effect with rigidly installed shading elements if the cross-section of the shading elements is adapted to the natural conditions.



All tile colors in the Moeding Alphaton and Moeding Longoton color spectrum is available.

Technical data

Moeding had patented a special aluminum rapid Plug in Holder system to install the Louvers in facade in rapid time.