Alphaton tile facade system

ALPHATON® double skin tile 30 mm thick is the optimum solution for curtain wall ventilated and thermally insulated façade for Horizontal or Vertical cladding.

ALPHATON® extruded clay tile is produced from clay predominantly from Moeding Keramikfassaden GmbH own pits developed near by the production area.
Long firing time in high temperatures of the high quality clay contributes to achieve ALPHATON® extruded tile strength and high value standards.

The ALPHATON®-tile facade is a product that has building inspectorate approval in Germany (Z – 33.1 531). As part of continuous quality testing for compliance with approval specifications, the products are additionally tested by independent institutions. The system satisfies the requirements listed in DIN 18516 Part 1 for curtain-wall, back-ventilated facades.

ALPHATON® tile sizes:

ALPHATON® tile sizes 150 – 300 mm height X 250 – 1500 mm. length for Horizontal facade or Vertical facade.

Standard tiles are available in various sizes, surface finishes and colors as well as special sizes and colors requested which can be tailor made under accepted order.



  • Standard smooth
    This surface looks as smooth light sanded and comes as a regular production of the clay firing.
  • Grooved
    Grooved and Deep grooved create 3 dimension impression due to shades and create interesting facade.
  • Polished
    The tiles are honed processed underlining the grog clay composition and donating the tiles a unique architectural look
  • Brushed
    Light textured brushed surface which donates a Renaissance chiaroscuro artistic light effect which emphasizes material quality.
  • Patinated
    Glazed fine patina layer on tile surface in wide color selection, or a film of metallic patina layer on tile surface

On special request can designed and performed special new edition surface texture with particular architectural quality.

Tile Shapes

Besides the special elements described below are developed other requested elements in close collaboration with the planner. In the development stage, the design of the special elements in line with the planner’s wishes is awarded the same importance as the ability to install them easily and safely.

  • ALPHATON Grooved tile facade
    Light grooved surface appearance which underlines fine horizontal lines.
    The ALPHATON® grooved tile facade is available in 9 different standard formats from   150-250 mm height up to 500 mm length.
  • ALPHATON Deep grooved tile facade
    Grooved surface appearance which remind German old brick tradition but with new design to underline long horizontal bricks.
    The ALPHATON® deep grooved tile facade is available in 9 different standard formats from   150-250 mm height up to 500 mm length.
  • ALPHATON Wave tile facade
    Playful soft transitions of light and shades are the special effects of this calm floating special tile facade which resemble calm sea waves.
    The ALPHATON® Wave tile facade is available in 9 different standard formats from   150-250 mm height up to 500 mm length.
  • ALPHATON ribbed panel
    Ribbed panel characteristic feature is its horizontal reclined structure. The ribbed structure camouflages the horizontal seams between panels.

Zeev Matar Web site - Moeding - Alphaton - Shapes - 1 reference materials image - Gewellt 1[1]

 this panel is an active acoustic facade as the sound waves are broken by the ribs on the panel’s surface and are redirected into the insulation through openings in the panel.

The ALPHATON ribbed panel facade is available in 9 different standard formats from 150-250 mm height up to 500 mm length


  • 13 colors available as standard.
  • Special colors shades available on request
  • 9 Glazed colors available as standard.
  • Special Glazed colors shades available on request
  • Special Glazed metal colors shades available on request



ALPHATON double skin facade system is made out of four simple basic components:

  1. Terracotta / klinker double skin Gen.06 tiles
  2. Horizontal ALPHATON Gen. 06 support profile or Vertical ALPHATON or L²support profile.
  3. Gen. 06 Tile holders standard or rapid
  4. Gen. 06 Vertical Joint profile


ALPHATON® metal sub structure for cladding / fixing the tiles consists on using the following systems:

  1. ALPHATON Gen.06
    The system is based on ALPHATON horizontal bearing profiles support fastened to conventional vertical profiles with hollow rivets or self-tapping stainless steel screws.
    ALPHATON Gen.06. system
    offers 2 horizontal support profiles

    • ALPHATON Gen.06 – 75 – Open horizontal support profile
      This profile is used in cases where the architecture does not allow support profile span widths bigger than 0.75 m’ the open support profile is used. The total section thickness of façade is then 60 mm. The open support bearing profile Gen. 06-75 can be installed up to 900 mm. section width.
    • ALPHATONGen.06-150 – Closed horizontal support profile
      For larger span width the closed support bearing profile is used. The maximum possible span width for this is 1500 mm. The total thickness of section facade is then 70 mm.
      * Tile installation is from lower facade elevation towards highest elevation point.
  2. ALPHATON Gen.06 – rapidiso-02The ALPHATON terracotta facade Gen.06 – rapid is patent-pending system is fitted with stainless steel tongue which is inserted into a special groove produced on the reverse side of of the tile panel After installation of the horizontal aluminum profiles support of the sub structure with all tile holders, the terracotta tiles are fitted completely with out tools, and permit fixing the tiles with requested order.
    ALPHATON L² Vertical profile had been studied and created as a response to give answer the increasing trend to use longer covering tiles in curtain wall, back-ventilated tile facades.The Vertical L² substructure system consists of component L² support profile, L² tile holder, L² tile holder, L² rivet and joint profile.The highlights of the L² substructure system are the diagonally running slots on both sides of the vertical L² support profile and the L² tile holders. The L² tile holders can be fixed through these slots with out pre-drilling by means of rivet on the L² support profile, as the fixing operation is by mechanical stitching of nits through the slots, which press the holder to tile support profile.
  4. ALPHATON L² – rapid
    The rapid tile holders are fitted with a stainless steel tongue which is inserted into ALPHATON groove in the back side of the tile made purposely during the extrusion process. After assembling the Horizontal support profile all tile holders for the facade are assembled by clipping in profile support in using a screwdriver. Once substructure is fully assembled with all tile holders, the terracotta / klinker tiles are fitted completely with out tools.
    The rapid holder not only prevents any possibility of taking off unintentionally tile out of facade but also give the freedom possibility to assemble tiles in what order needed during the construction work.

ALPHATON Aluminum Joint profiles are located in the vertical joints to prevent tiles from rattling in the wind, moving side ways and driving rain from penetration, as well as giving guarantee for assembling the facade in exact joint pattern.

The joint profiles are for joint width of 8 mm or alternatively 4 mm for horizontal facade and 12 mm for vertical facade.

Joint profiles are available for center joints and end joints to mach all color tiles.

ALPHATON® Detail book


ALPHATON® Technical data

Brick density
> 2.0 g/cm³ (DIN 105 Part 4 Ceramic klinker)

The requirements in accordance with DIN EN 539, Part 2 are satisfied

Appearance and structure
The requirements in accordance with DIN EN 1304, Appendix B are satisfied

External monitoring
Through “Güteschutz Ziegel für das Land Bayern e.V.” (the Bavarian Quality Association for Bricks)

Building inspectorate verifications
General Building Inspectorate Approval Z-33.1-531:
curtained, back-ventilated, exterior wall cladding with ALPHATON® tile
General Building Inspectorate Test Certificate P-2.17-001:
Substructure for Moeding ceramic facade

Static type tests
Horizontal aluminum substructures for Moeding ALPHATON® tile facade
(scope of verification: tile to horizontal profile)
Moeding ALPHATON® tile facade with aluminum substructure – type test applied for – (scope of verification: ceramic tile to anchor)

Test certificate in accordance with DIN 18 516 external wall cladding, back-ventilated
Part 1: Requirement, test sets
Appendix C (normative): “Test Requirements for small format cladding tile”

Expert report
“Agreement with provisions of DIN 18516, Part 1”

Test certificates, certificates and expert reports are additionally available for the facade tile concerning:
Frost-resistance, ventilation, and back-ventilation of the construction, sound insulation, thermal protection, fire resistance rating with extinguishing water trial, radar reflection damping, and weathering resistance (S02).

General material data

Length max: ± 1mm
Height max: ± 1.2%
Thickness max: ± 1.0mm
Flatness max 0.7% over length

The typical system weight is 50 kg/m²

30mm double skin tile thickness, consisting of a front and rear leaf connected by ribs, symmetrical along three axes and true to shape.
System thickness: 60mm from rear of horizontal Gen. 06-75 cladding rails, to front face of tile.

Number and Location of Fasteners:
Each tile is to be secured by 4 Gen. 06 Tile Holders. Every Tile Holder has to be positioned horizontally at a distance of 1/5 inboard of the edge of the tile.

Joint Type
Horizontal joint: Full labyrinth overlapping joint.
Vertical joint: Closed using continues Gen.06 Vertical Joint profiles.

Joint width
Horizontal joint: 12 mm.
Vertical joint: standard 8 mm.

Air Gap:
not less than 38 mm measured from rear face of the Gen. 06 tiles.