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Klinker bar format

The klinker bar format extruded brick is vertically perforated facing material. The Bar format is a proven and tested quality product from Gima that far exceeds the minimum requirements of DIN 105 and/or EN 771-1. The horizontal lines of the constructed area are emphasized by the longitudinal lines created by the bricks, donating a very […]

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Baguette facade stylish elements of different shapes provide creative architectural design language on one hand and functional elements to provide screening of different utilities. Baguettes may be used as further design elements in facade detailing, e.g.: Sizes & Shapes: Baguette Square rectangular cross-section As an alternative to the square cross-section, baguettes can also be produced […]

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Louvers shading elements

In the wake of increasing energy costs, the controlled direction of daylight is increasingly awarded greater significance. The desired shading effect, which results in considerable energy savings when it comes to cooling buildings, is countered by the darkening effect. Rooms are darkened by the shading elements to such an extent that there is greater reliance […]

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The Lamellas are special facade elements, which can be used in conjunction with or independent of the Alphaton and Longoton facade systems. The Lamellas may be installed passively, fixed in the facade, or can be movable elements. Rotation about their longitudinal axis allows control of light and views desired. Lamellas may be integrated horizontally and/or […]

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Longoton clay tile Facade

Longoton® extruded double skin tile 40 mm thick is the optimum solution for curtain wall, ventilated and thermally insulated facade, there where needed long size covering.The material is produced from clay predominantly from Moeding Keramikfassaden GmbH own pits developed near by the production area. Long firing time in high temperatures of its high quality clay […]

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