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Traditional hand-made

Old Florentine traditional Hand-made tiles produced by skilled personal using wet clay mixture worked by hand in mold forms. Each tile is formed personally feeling the touch and the person pressing of hands. These tiles are considered state of art products, as the time required for this production piece by piece takes time and can […]

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Klinker flooring tiles

High quality traditional hard burned flooring tiles and split tiles from natural clay for private and public areas are supplied with quality which can last for centuries. Fantastic quality product which is not sensitive to weather influences, and it is frost-proof produced in different formats and colors which due to the clay firing can appear […]

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Bio-cellar Brick

Special bio-cellar floor covering must for every wine specialist looking for the best ecological Bio-cellar bricks for Wine cellars. This solid klinker bricks type DF & type NF are climatically self equalizing, made of burned loam, particularly worthy of recommendation from an ecological perspective. The Bio-cellar bricks are frost-proof, pH resistant, resistant to high pressure, […]

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Hand-made flooring tiles

The hand-made flooring from Gima is manufactured in the traditional manner using muscle power and a lot of skill using high-quality raw material from own pits. The still damp clay is pounded and pressed into the sanded mold, which produces a building material imbued with totally individual characteristics. Compared with machine-produced floor tiles these shine […]

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