Bio-cellar Brick

Special bio-cellar floor covering must for every wine specialist looking for the best ecological Bio-cellar bricks for Wine cellars.

This solid klinker bricks type DF & type NF are climatically self equalizing, made of burned loam, particularly worthy of recommendation from an ecological perspective.

The Bio-cellar bricks are frost-proof, pH resistant, resistant to high pressure, abrasion-resistant (in accordance with DIN 52 108), foot-sure, anti-skid and depending on the structure of the substrate is suitable for light traffic & medium-heavy traffic forklift , free of deleterious ingredients or blooming ingredients.

The Bio-cellar bricks are essential paving material to protect wine production in best conservation temperature rules, adding long life to the wine bottles.

Sizes & Technical data

  • Bio-cellar brick type DF
    240x115x52mm – weight 2.75 kg/piece
  • Bio-cellar brick type NF
    240x115x71mm – weight 4 kg/pieces