Moeding Keramikfassaden GmbH located in Marklkofen in Lower Bavaria, North East to Munich in Germany, is the leader world company producing colored tile facades made of Terracotta/Klinker clay.

Moeding is owned by GIMA, a larger private company located in same area production at Marklkofen, established 1890, producing special Terracotta/Klinker pavers, tiles, and other masonry products.

The Moeding company, established in the early 80’s based upon skilled masters, architects, engineers and crafts men using the best quality clay as well as the ultra plus technological equipment are the leading forces of the company, creating and developing the most sophisticated extruded Exterior and Interior tiles for façade projects.

Moeding Keramikfassaden GmbH produces and supplies standard ventilated and thermally insulated façade extruded tiles as well as Tailor made state of the art extruded tile façade and other requested items to fulfill almost any possible drawing design created by architects and designers.

The manufactured materials are frost resistant, abrasion resistant, UV resistant and pH resistant, which make the products ideal to use in hard climatic zones especially next to sea-shore and low temperatures areas.

The Clay – Tile Façade products are divided into the following items:

    Certified extruded rain screen cladding system tiles 30 mm double skin thick, designed to provide reduced heat loss, effective weather protection, protection against heat in summer, resistance to aggressive environments, and uniform weathering made in wide color and surface selection.
    ALPHATON® is an optimal cladding material to be used in new building projects as well as for refurbished buildings due to its quality material and certified support fixing system, using extruded aluminium sub-structure and clipping system simple to install.
    Certified extruded rain screen cladding system tiles 40 mm double skin thick produced 150-600 mm in height and 150-3000 mm length unbroken floor to floor terracotta façades.
    LONGOTON ® tiles are unique industrial achievement which provides horizontal and vertical cladding tiles up to 3 meters length in various colors and finishes. Extruded aluminium sub-structure and clipping system simple to install
    Certified extruded rain screen cladding system tiles 25 mm one skin thick produced in three formats of 150×450, 175×450, 200×450 mm.
    SIGMATON® tiles are produced in natural red, sand and volcano grey colors.
    Square pipes natural colored clay material production for exterior or interior cladding, which can be combined with ALPHATON® or LONGOTON® system.
    BAGUETTE® is available in 1000mm length or as prefabricated elements with a length up to 2500 mm.
    Special façade elements made in different shapes and sizes for exterior or interior cladding which can be used in conjunction with ALPHATON® or LONGOTON® system or in an  independent way.
    LAMELLAS® is available up to 5000mm length
    Special façade sun screen shadings shapes for exterior or interior cladding which can be used in conjunction with ALPHATON® or LONGOTON® system or in an independent way.
    LOUVERS® are custom made forms and sizes according to production suitable colors


  • Durable age resistance
  • Dimensional stability
  • Reduced heat losses
  • Reliable protection from heat in summer owing to optimum temperature amplitude attenuation by the wall structure and in the interior
  • Effective weather protection and drainage of moisture
  • Non-fade UV resistant
  • Acid resistant to high pH salt water
  • Alkali resistant
  • Frost resistant
  • Insensitive to aggressive environmental conditions
  • Material free from cracks, fissures, discolorations or any other defects, which may adversely affect strength, durability or appearance.
  • Maintenance free
  • Resistant to high levels of mechanical stress
  • Non-flammable Class A
  • Harmless to health
  • Natural building material, completely recyclable
  • Ecological green material

Technical Data

Material quality

Absolute quality assurance on each of the façade elements by continues internal company monitoring as well as by regular external monitoring according to standards of the General building inspectorate approval No. Z-33-1-531 for curtain wall, back-ventilated outer wall cladding.

Material Certification

  • Certified DIBT – German Institute of Construction Engineering.
  • Certified CSTB – Certified with accordance to France building regulation.
  • Certified CWCT – Certified with accordance to UK building regulation

Primary Support Structure can be each of the followings:

  • Concrete
  • Dense concrete block work
  • Pumice block (thermal insulated)
  • Autoclaved Aerated blocks (low mass and high thermal insulation and acoustic insulation)
  • Brick facing work
  • Timber frame
  • Light weight steel framing
  • Structural steel framing
  • Curtain wall facade

Typical installation method

Typical installation method is based upon vertical aluminium angle sections fixed to a suitable substructure by means of adjustable cleats. Horizontal Support Rail is fixed to these vertical angles with stainless steel rivets. The Terracotta Tiles are secured to the horizontal Support Rails using the Tile Holders, and Vertical Joint Profiles are placed within the vertical joints in order to help to ensure tile alignment, and to prevent excessive water entry.

Architects conclusion reasons to use Moeding materials in projects:

  • Exceptional tile quality
  • Exclusive choice of tile finishes
  • Incomparable large-scale tile colors
  • Choice of bonding patterns and tile configurations
  • Thermal insulation & Noise insulation are guaranteed
  • Water flow to the exterior of the façade is ensured
  • Radar absorption with accordance with German air traffic control legislation
  • Vast Primary Support Structure materials for construction cladding
  • Superbly engineered for precision fit and alignment
  • Wide range of integrated accessories
  • sub construction are inflammable
  • Competitive terracotta cladding façade, back-ventilated and heat insulated proven along time
  • System used and tested in worldwide projects
  • Excellent impact resistance and durability
  • Fire protection is secure as all the components of tile façade including aluminum
  • System minimizes environmental impact and is fully recyclable
  • The original terracotta façade considered up-to-date the best

Green Architecture Presentation – published by Ruth Matar,  TAU Architecture student.