Sigmaton clay tile facade

Sigmaton one skin tile 25 mm thick is a version of facade system low weight for Horizontal cladding.

Sigmaton extruded clay tile is produced from clay predominantly from Moeding Keramikfassaden GmbH own pits developed near by the production area.
Long firing time in high temperatures of the high quality clay contributes to achieve Sigmaton extruded tile strength and high value standards.

The Sigmaton-tile facade is a product that has building inspectorate approval in Germany (Z – 33.1 531). As part of continuous quality testing for compliance with approval specifications, the products are additionally tested by independent institutions. The system satisfies the requirements listed in DIN 18516 Part 1 for curtain-wall, back-ventilated facades.


  • 150 mm height X 450 mm length
  • 175 mm height X 450 mm length
  • 200 mm height X 450 mm length


  • Standard smooth
    This surface looks as smooth light sanded and comes as a regular production of the clay firing.


Facade system

Facade system is made out of four simple basic components:

  • Terracotta / klinker tiles
  • Horizontal Gen.06 support profile
  • Tile holders
  • Joint profile

Technical data

The manufactured materials are frost resistant, abrasion resistant, UV resistant and pH resistant, which make the products ideal to use in hard climatic zones especially next to sea-shore and low temperatures areas.

  • Durable age-resistant, maintenance -free
  • Acid & Alkali resistant
  • Non flammable system
  • Frost and UV resistant
  • Resistant to high levels of mechanical stress
  • Resistant to aggressive environmental conditions
  • Movements absorbed by system
  • Not prone to graffiti due to the surface texture
  • Natural building material completely recyclable
  • Individual facade design