About Us

Zeev Matar Ltd. Covering Materials located in Haifa, Israel. Had been established in 1994 by Architect Zeev Matar.

Zeev Matar Ltd. is involved for long years of professional activity as agent , supplier  and consultant for Covering Materials for public and private projects.

Our company target is to supply high quality covering materials for Exterior & Interior Architecture based on Ecological materials which fulfill the Green Architecture and Environmental philosophy, as by  formulation in 1994 of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards, established and administered by the U.S. Green Building Council.

Our company is addressed to Architects, Engineers, Landscape architects, Project managers, Developers and private people to obtain important selection of covering materials as:

  • Terracotta tiles for ventilated Cladding
  • Terracotta Louvers
  • Klinker tiles for ventilated Cladding
  • Klinker Louvers
  • Klinker facing bricks & slips
  • Reinforced High compressed cellulose Flat sheets
  • Paving Wood deck – WPC
  • Klinker Paving bricks
  • Ecological stabilizzer for soil road paving
Our materials fulfill and provided measurable standards and criteria for the design and construction of environmentally responsible buildings according to the Green standards significant milestone for architects and builders with consideration of its impact on the environment.

We supply out of our materials selection wide range of measures and shapes made by our suppliers up to Cut to Size products according to Shop Drawings, and perform custom made requisites.

Zeev Matar Ltd. is Israeli partner for some world leading companies producing ecological green materials as:

  • Moeding Keramikfassaden GmbH. – Terracotta ventilated system for thermally insulated facade
  • Gima Klinkerwerk GmbH – Klinker bricks & Tiles
  • Erlus Dachkeramik GmbH. – German roof tiles coverings
  • Megawood GmbH – Megawood.de – WPC – Wood Polymer Composite – Solid floor board
  • Il Ferrone SpA –  Italian Terracotta coverings tiles
  • Azichem Stabilsana S.r.l. – Ecological stabilizzer for soil road paving

Our Moeding GmbH Terracotta tiles for ventilated and thermally insulated facade for Exterior and Interior walls covering system, offering high quality double-shell facing tiles Alphaton® 30mm thick and Longoton® 40 thick in different sizes, forms and colours resistant to any possible climate certified as green ecological material. Special line is devoted to wide range of Louver profiles which are screening sun elements, and impressive architectural elements.

Our Gima Klinkerwerk GmbH – unique colored Klinker Covering bricks of wide selection of sizes, surface finishes and architectural items as: Cornices, rails, Window sills made mechanically or by hand made production. The company produces Facing & Paving bricks of wide size selection made with wide natural color selection and surface look. The bricks can meet any usage in Architecture and Landscape architecture being suitable to load with out damage up to very heavy loads or car and tracks load.

Our Novo-Tech GmbH – Megawood.de – Solid 25 mm. board 25×145 mm. & 25×242 mm. WPC deck – Wood Polymer Composite made of 75% natural wood fiber content and 25%high quality polymers. Megawood looks like wood, feels like wood, can be worked like wood, but is more noble, easier to care for and more durable than solid wood and with Anti skid R 12 surface.

Our Il Ferrone, Italian Terracotta tiles factory is the biggest manufacturer in Italy based in Tuscany. Il Ferrone is synonym of high quality raw material, for red Terracotta flooring tiles which had paid tribute to the Florentine architecture. Big selection of sizes, surface finishes and architectural items as: Cornices, rails, Window sills made mechanically or by hand made production.

We supply high quality dimensional Granite, Marble, Stone, Travertine from various destinations around the globe as well as of unique quarries which we cooperate with, as international sol agents.

Professionally our vision is to approach every project with the intent to assist its staff of architects or designers as well as developers or contractors asking for best solutions. Once material is chosen it is our obligation to coordinate and supply the requested for the project with high quality materials, being involved along the production steps, so to achieve the requested within very severe quality control.

Our firm is able to assist important projects were quality and professionalism are required onto supply the requested under strict time schedule, as well as supporting installation assistance at site.

Zeev Matar Ltd. Has been and is involved in our materials supply for Museums, Hotelier projects, Office Buildings as well as for privet building customers. We operate together with Architects, Designers and  Landscape architect with mutual cooperation willing to give to each project tailor made own identity through different materials and various colors and shades.