Natural stones


The word granite comes from the Latin granum, a grain, in reference to the coarse-grained structure of such a crystalline rock.

Granite is a common widely occurring type of intrusive, felsic, igneous rock which is granular and crystalline in texture. This rock consists mainly of quartz, mica, and feldspar. Occasionally some individual crystals (phenocrysts) are larger than the groundmass, in which case the texture is known as porphyritic / porphyry . By spectrographic definition, granite is an igneous rock with at least 20% quartz by volume.

Due to its technical properties Granite is nearly always massive (lacking internal structures), hard and tough, and therefore it has gained widespread use as a construction stone. The average density of granite is between 2.65 and 2.75 g/cm3, its compressive strength usually lies above 200 Mpa, and melting temperature is 1215 – 1260 ° C.

Igneous rocks are formed through the cooling and solidification of magma or lava. The rock may form with or without crystallization, either below the surface as intrusive (plutonic) rocks or on the surface as extrusive (volcanic) rocks. This magma can be derived from partial melts of pre-existing rocks in either a planet’s mantle or crust. Typically, the melting is caused by one or more of three processes: an increase in temperature, a decrease in pressure, or a change in composition. Over 700 types of igneous rocks have been described, most of them having formed beneath the surface of Earth’s crust.

Our company has been involved in many challenging projects consulting and supplying directly or together with our various partner’s granite materials for Granite dray cladding projects for Ventilated façade as well as supplying granite plates which are used for precast elements which are assembled at building site for External facing and Internal facing. In very many projects we have manufactured as well as granite for internal paving as well as external paving.

Every project has its different demands as: granite color including appearance, sizes, finishes and special details which require abilities. Part of every project is related to budget as well as production schedule and delivery logistics and site logistics.

We wish to mention just few projects which had been erected as:

  • Hotel Carmel in Netanya nowadays Carmel Hotel Holiday apartments
  • OZ building offices tower.
  • Mediterranean Hotel in Haifa sea front, nowadays named Leonardo Hotel Haifa
  • Ex Hilton Beer-Sheva nowadays named Leonardo Hotel Negev (Images Below).

Granite production sizes

Tailor made
We can produce and supply cut to size projects according to architectural projects drawings, or through shop drawings which can also be developed under request.

Any kind of Facade cladding for Ventilated facade can be produced including any kind of requested finishes and drawing details

Among various marble tailor made projects we wish to mention the very prestigious job of:

Standard tiles polished finish or honed finish
We can produce and supply granite polished tiles for the following sizes:

  • 30×30 x 2 cm
  • 40×40 x 2 cm
  • 30×60 x 2 cm

Modulgranite tiles
We can produce and supply granite tiles polished, beveled and calibrated for the following sizes:

  • 30×30 x 1,5 / 2 cm
  • 40×40 x 1.5 / 2 cm
  • 30×60 x 1.5 / 2 cm

Modulgranite tiles free length
We can produce and supply granite tiles free length polished, beveled and calibrated for the following sizes:

  • 30 x 1,5 / 2 cm
  • 40 x 1,5 / 2 cm

Modulgranite tiles
We can produce and supply high quality polished, beveled and calibrated tiles for refined flooring and wall cladding in the following sizes:

  • 30,5×30,5 x1 cm
  • 61×30,5 x1 cm
  • 40×40 x1,2 cm

Granite Color selection
Wide selection of colors, shades, uniform or informal shape designs
Some of our available materials are the following:

White granite

Yellow granite

Pink granite

Green granite

Grey granite

Red granite

Blue granite

Black granite