Oz Building project

The building project started at 1992 with the foundations and finished in1995. The project had been built according to the architectural drawings created and headed by Architect Prof. Abraham Yasky, awarded in 1982 the Israel Prize, in architecture and Architect Rachel Feller Associate Architect at nowadays in the MYS Architects.

The building consists in 3 underground parking levels and 16 floor office tower built mainly with precast concrete elements covered with granite. The construction elements produced by casting concrete in a reusable mold or “form”, which are then cured in a controlled environment, transported to the construction site and lifted into place and assembled according to the elevations drawings.

The external facing material chosen for the project’s granite façade elevations was selected Rosa Porrino granite from Spain. The granite for the external facing and internal facing was flamed finished with polished bands finished plates placed in the molds according to the architectural elevations to create the requested design.

For the project had been supplied granite plates of two types:

Precast granite plates that on the back of each plate had been drilled Ø 10mm holes in 45% to which special inox anchors had been fixed to grip a metal mash net into which concrete had been cast.

Dry cladding ventilated elements performed with kerf (continuous groove) in upper and lower edges which are made to sustain the plates by special inox anchors.

16 corridor floors had been supplied with exclusive polished granite pavement including elevators floors.

Main entrance lobby internal paving had been supplied with 2 kind’s of polished granite.

The external paving granite in front of main entrance had been supplied with honed granite according to the architects chosen materials including the copings.