Il Ferrone

Sestino brick & Tozzetto brick

Sestino and Tozzetto are small bricks destined mainly for paving roads and town squares. The paving in the historical centers of cities such as Assisi, Spoleto, Montepulciano and Certaldo, to mention the most famous ones, are in Cotto Il Ferrone, a material which blends perfectly with the attractive shades of the original colors

Exceptional quality clay used to manufacture Sestino and Tozzetto donate to the bricks superior mechanical strength with frost resistance characteristics.

The bricks are used for interior paving and exterior paving as well as for interior facing and exterior facing, in modern architectural projects requiring continuity with tradition and new architectural design.

The thick bricks are heavy duty load compression and are used for paving streets, piazza squares, promenades for private cars & trucks traffic passage. The technical properties as frost resistant, abrasion resistant, UV resistant and pH resistant make them high quality material

Among the various projects which had been accomplished with Sestino Classico in Israel we shall emphasize on:
* Museum Okashi

Form & Sizes


  • Sestino Classico  7x4x28 cm  40 mm thickness – 1 single piece
  • Sestino Strada  7x4x29,5 cm  40 mm thickness – in 2 pieces to be split
  • Sestino Gaiole 7×2,5×29,5 cm  25 mm thickness – in 6 pieces to be split
  • Sestino Greve 7×2,5×28 cm  25 mm thickness – in 2 pieces to be split
  • Sestino Cottofine 7×1,7×28 cm   17 mm thickness – in 2 pieces to be split
  • Sestino 6x6x26 cm  60 mm thickness – 1 single piece
  • Sestino 6x3x26 cm  30 mm thickness – 1 single piece
  • Tozzetto Classico 4×3,5×28 cm 35 mm thickness – 1 single piece
  • Tozzetto Strada  4×3,5×27 cm 35 mm thickness –  in 3 pieces to be split

* Please note that splitting the pieces is more than simple with no damage to the bricks

Technical data

The mentioned values of Il Ferrone obtained according to requested standards by the European community assign to the bricks of 4 cm & 6 cm thick the quality of usage material for urban heavy traffic paving, once the foundation substructure is made with accordance to standards requisites.

The bricks manufactured as single pieces due to their production circle are using more Manuel work which in terms of production increases material cost.