Il Ferrone


Made of Impruneta “Florentine red” clay with veins prone to tobacco color donates to this tile the charm of the tradition of the manual workmanship and the necessity to give answer to the demands of facility of laying, while marinating unchanged qualities of solidity, beauty and duration.

The range of shapes and sizes makes it possible to use this particular Cotto in many environments: in addition to the classics rectangular and square shapes, the range of “Artesian by hand” is available also with thickness 13 mm to facilitate the laying on already existing floors.

The material can be used for internal paving as well as for external paving due to its technical data of being frost resistant, abrasion resistant, UV resistant and pH resistant.

Form & Sizes


  • Square
    30×30 23/26 mm thick
  • Rectangle
    15×30 23/26 mm thick
    15×30 13 mm thick
  • Skirting
    7,5×30 13 mm thick