Il Ferrone

Polished surface

Due to the hardness and compactness of Cotto Imprunetino – Cotto Il Ferrone,

the tiles can go through polishing process which enhances the natural elegance of the “Florentine red” color of the living material and recalls this proposed flooring to its traditional importance in the Florentine architecture.

The honed polished surface donate to the Terracotta / Cotto tiles their particular reddish color which comes out from the particular clay which contains a big quantity of iron acids.

The honed reddish tiles create a pleasant harmony while matching with different kinds of parquet woods and stones as marble donating to the paving floor pleasant harmony.

The polished material is used in architectural design for internal paving but possible to use for internal facing or external works.

The polished materials are frost resistant, abrasion resistant, UV resistant and pH resistant, which all together give a very high material credibility.

Form & Sizes


  • Square
    30×30 12/13 mm thick
  • Rectangle
    15×30 12/13 mm thick
  • Skirting
    7,5×30 12/13 mm thick