Euro-module Klinker

Euro-Module formats are made by Gima for the optometric modular coordination (in increments of 250 mm), in the deciraster (with 100 mm increments, also called EURO module) and in the office extension planning module (with 440 mm + 10 mm joint).

Planning in deciraster is simple, there are no complications. In the frequently used formats of 290/90/190 mm, and 390/90/190 mm, only 16.6 bricks, or 13.5 bricks per m² must be placed. In normal format this requires 50 bricks. The grout ratio is 50% less in comparison with the normal format, this means saving expensive facing mortar and a reduction of negative influences on the joint, which is considered the weak point of weathered facing brick work.

The middle format of the Euro-module is a contemporary building material and gives the facade a satisfying measuring division. The medium format of the Euro-module can be combined in complementary manner with glass, steel, and concrete.

The Euro-module bricks are non-flammable, frost resistant, abrasion resistant, UV resistant and pH resistant, which make the products ideal to use in hard climatic zones especially next to sea-shore and low temperatures areas.

The bricks are free from deleterious ingredients or blooming ingredients and don’t require any maintenance

Sizes & Information data

Wall thickness
90 mm
 Wall thickness
115 mm
190/90/90 mm  190/115/90 mm
190/90/140 mm  190/115/140 mm
190/90/190 mm  190/115/190 mm
215/90/215 mm**  215/115/215 mm**
240/90/240 mm*  240/115/240 mm*
290/90/90 mm  290/115/90 mm
290/90/140 mm  290/115/140 mm
290/90/190 mm  290/115/190 mm
290/90/240 mm  290/115/240 mm
290/90/290 mm  290/115/290 mm
365/90/240 mm*  365/115/240 mm*
390/90/190 mm  390/115/190 mm
390/90/290 mm  390/115/290 mm
440/90/215 mm**  440/115/215 mm**
Wall thickness
140 mm
 Wall thickness
190 mm
190/140/90 mm

 190/190/90 mm

190/140/140 mm

 190/190/140 mm

190/140/190 mm

 190/190/190 mm

290/140/90 mm

 190/190/190 mm

290/140/140 mm

 190/190/190 mm

290/140/190 mm

 190/190/190 mm

290/140/290 mm

Other formats are also possible.

Color bricks

Colors like white, gray, and anthracite blue, offer new, interesting contrasts for clearly future-oriented architecture.

Wide colors range is able to satisfy Architects, Landscape architects, Designers, Developers and Private clients looking for colorful quality bricks in different format sizes and finishes to make a project be of great value.

White marble

Beige marble

Red marble

Orange marble

Yellow marble

Gray marble

Brown marble

Anthracite marble

Anthracite/Blue marble


Technical data

 Technical data in accordance with DIN 105 Part 3

Minimum value in accordance with DIN 105 Part 3 Verified GIMA values
Perforation types, holes, fillets Clinker brick =15% core hole ratio of the bearing surfaceClinker vertical perforation brick perforation Bminimum thickness of the exterior walls on the facing sides 20 mm Clinker brick =15% core hole ratio of the bearing surface Kilnker vertical perforation brick perforation B minimum thickness of the exterior walls on the facing sides Klinker brick = 15%core hole ratio > 30 mm Klinker vertical perforation brick B > 20 mm
DimensionsLength for example
nom. dim. 290 mmWidth for example
nom. dim. 90 mmHeight for example
nom. dim 190 mm

Smallest dim.

Largest dim.

Margin t

283 mm

298 mm

12 mm

87 mm

93 mm

5 mm

185 mm

193 mm

7 mm



285 – 290 mm

87 – 90 mm

187 – 190 mm


Brick density kg/dm³
1,41 – 1,6
1,61 – 1,8
1,81 – 2,0
Apparent density class
Apparent density class
Compressive strength

lowest value mean value
36,0 45,0
48,0 60,0
60,0 75,0


Compressive strength class36
Compressive strength class depends on color and apparent density classCompressive strength class from 36 – 60
Content of deleterious swelling inclusions Paragraph
satisfied (well below the required limit values)
Content of deleterious salts and salts which bloom Paragraph
satisfied (well below the required limit values)
Frost-resistance required
DIN 52 252
Part 1
Part 2 or
Part 3
DIN 52 252 Part 1
Water absorbency max 7% from 2 to 6% depending on color
Brick density ≥ 1,9 kg/dm³ according to colorfrom 1.9 to 2.4 kg/dm³

The verified Gima values are collective results from tests performed by our own monitoring organization and external monitoring institutions.We cannot exclude the possibility of deviation in individual cases (within the framework of DIN 105).