Hand-made flooring tiles

The hand-made flooring from Gima is manufactured in the traditional manner using muscle power and a lot of skill using high-quality raw material from own pits.

The still damp clay is pounded and pressed into the sanded mold, which produces a building material imbued with totally individual characteristics. Compared with machine-produced floor tiles these shine through their liveliness and thus become an artful detail and uniquely shaped piece.

Even the smallest quantities can be manufactured economically and thus find their application in the preservation of historic structures. The ability to match color and structure allows Gima hand-made floor tile to become a building material equal to the most rigorous demands imposed by a restoration project.

Virtually all brick color tones can be manufactured in different surface structures and forms as hand-made products. This hand made flooring remain a favorite material used by Architects, Designers, Landscape architects and Developers, to donate to any project its unique architectural language print.

All hand-made Gima products are frost-proof, pH resistant, resistant to high pressure, abrasion-resistant (in accordance with DIN 52 108), foot-sure, anti-skid and depending on the structure of the substrate is suitable for light traffic, medium-heavy traffic, and heavy traffic, free of deleterious ingredients or blooming ingredients.

Sizes & Technical data

(ca. measure in cm)
Pieces including.
18/18/2,5 1,6 30
20/20/2,5 1,9 25
25/25/2,5 3,0 16
30/30/2,5 o 3,5 4,4/6,1 11
34/34/3,5 7,8 8
36/36/3,5 8,8 7
38/38/3,5 9,8 6,5
25/12/3 1,7 32
24/11,5/2 1,1 34
24/11,5/7 3,7 34
29/14/6,5 5,1 22
33/16/3,5 3,6 18
40/20/3 4,6 12,5
Sechseck-Rund 22/25/3 2,4 19
Rosenspitz 36/18/3,5 4,2 19
Rosenspitz 34/17/3,5 3,7 21
Sockelleisten 30/10/2 1,2 ca. 3 St./lfdm.

Color bricks

Red colors shades is able to satisfy Architects, Landscape architects, Designers, Developers and Private clients looking for colorful quality tiles in different format sizes and finishes to make a project be of great value.

Technical data

Item data Technical values, Tolerances
Length, Width, Hight: ± 5%
Density: min. 1,7 kg/dm³
Water absorbance : max. 10%
Scratch hardness: max. 50 cm³ / 50 cm²
Compression: min. 20 N/mm²
Frost-resistant : According to DIN 52252 part 1

Gima Hand-made products are free of harmful products to men and to environment