Klinker flooring tiles

Zeev Matar Web site - Gima - Klinker flooring tile - Klinker tlies range - muster_210High quality traditional hard burned flooring tiles and split tiles from natural clay for private and public areas are supplied with quality which can last for centuries. Fantastic quality product which is not sensitive to weather influences, and it is frost-proof produced in different formats and colors which due to the clay firing can appear some times with slight shade color differences.

Materials characteristic is that the tonality recall to ancient clay tiles used for generations to donate worms and unique surface.

Tiles, step tiles, window sills as well as various coping elements permit to Architects, Designers, Developers and Private clients to build interesting projects.

Flooring klinker tiles satisfies applicable DIN standards and is resistant to alkaline solutions, absolutely frost-proof (in accordance with DIN 18 503), resistant to road salt, pH resistant, resistant to high pressure, abrasion-resistant (in accordance with DIN 52 108), foot-sure, anti-skid and depending on the structure of the substrate is suitable for light traffic, medium-heavy pedestrian traffic, and heavy pedestrian traffic, free of deleterious ingredients or blooming ingredients.

Sizes & Formats

Different formats are produced with a characteristically incomparable floor tiles.
No two tiles are alike, and yet the whole forms are homogenous with unique surface.


Traditional red klinker clay which donates to the tiles various red shades.

Information data

GIMA – Hard burned flooring tiles,  Split tiles and flooring tiles,  Frost resistant,
(Measurement  in cm)
Needed including joints /m² Pieces
Split tiles
24/11,5/2 1,3 34-36 960
30/14,5/2 + 4 1,4/3,2 22-23 600/330
20/20/2 + 3 1,8/2,2 23-25 420
24/24/2,5 + 4 3,5/4,7 16-17 240
30/30/2,5 4,7 10-11 144
30/30/4 7,5 10-11 120
Stair tiles
31,5/14/2,5 3,3
31,5/20/2,5 4,6
31,5/24/2,5 5,5
31,5/30/2,5 6,9
30/10/2 0,9 840
30/7/2 0,7 1200
Tread elements
31,5/20/2,5 4,6