Terracotta facade

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The Terracotta facades are important architectural design elements for representative facades structures. Architects and Designers as well as master builders value the material as interesting architectural language of high quality with broad spectrum of colors which donate interest as well as admiration.

GIMA had developed concepts for the contemporary production of durable terracotta facades in close collaboration with leading planners. Production possibilities extend from the mason terracotta shell starting at 9 cm thick to approx. 4 cm thick terracotta slabs (similar to natural stone) to prefabricated terracotta facade elements.

We can work jointly with planners to specify stone formats and colors. Laser-controlled diamond saws ensure millimeter-precise blanks of individual formats. The color scale is extensive. The surface, which is usually smooth, can be structured or profiled on request. The GIMA terracotta facade system enables economical lining of facades. Extreme durability and resistance, favorable structural behavior and the outstanding material characteristics of high-quality ceramic are the standout features of our terracotta facades

The Terracotta facade are pH resistant, UV resistant and maintenance free as well as free from deleterious ingredients or blooming ingredients.


200mm x 300 mm up to 600mm x 600 mm
Thicknesses start at 90 mm up to 270 mm.


Standard forms are brick, right-angled corner stones and prefabricated lintel veneer elements.
Wide manufacturing possibilities according to tailor made project, including particular molded parts above the image forms collection.


Based on the traditional colors brick the terracotta spectrum extends from:

  • almost white, to ivory and beige, to various yellow tones
  • bright red through all shades of red, typical for brick, to brown color tones
  • a broad palette of gray tones, to stones that are almost black

Special colors are available, within the framework of what is technically possible. The colors are generated ceramically for all our bricks and terracotta stones. They are produced consistently in the same color tone, created by color tone mixture and firing technology.

Al colors range is able to satisfy Architects, Landscape architects, Designers, Developers and Private clients looking for colorful quality Terracotta facade in different format sizes and finishes to make a project be of great value.

Technical data

Free of deleterious, swelling inclusions and salts which bloom.
For terracotta stone there is a calculated facade weight of γ = 18 kN/m³

The terracotta tiles are factory processed according to the desired joint width of the terracotta facade:

Joint width 4 – 8 mm
The terracotta stone is cut on all adherent surfaces with a laser-controlled diamond cutting saw to ensure dimensional accuracy of ±1 mm.

Joint width = 8 mm
For larger joints it may be possible to wholly or partially dispense with cutting the adherent surfaces, as small stone tolerances are accommodated by the joints.


The GIMA terracotta stones have the following technical characteristic values:

Compressive strength: ≥ 45 N/mm²
Brick density approx.: 2,1 kg/dm³
Frost-resistance: in accordance with DIN 52 252 Part 1
Water absorbency: approx. 2.5 vol.% (=not absorbent)