Easy deck

Megawood Easy deck barefoot solid board has ribbed parallel 7×2 mm grooved smooth finish on one side and on opposite board side ribbed parallel 6×5 mm deep grooved smooth finish.

This board design versatility as well as its technical characteristics makes it valuable partner material for Architects, Landscape architects, Developers, and private customers.

Its qualities donate to the Easy deck the qualities as an ideal material to be used in covering floor  terraces, floor covering around swimming pools, sport clubs, sport stadium, amphitheater sitting and shading elements as pergola covering

Production size:

  • 19×130 mm. – The boards are produced in length of 300, 350, 400, 450 cm.

Production colors:

  • Nut brown
  • Grey


Technical data:

The board weights 2,5 Kg/lm.

This Easy deck is very useful barefoot solid board material to be used in various projects which require solid Non-flammable material UV resistant & pH resistant.

The deck provides Slip resistant value which is free of Deleterious ingredients & Blooming ingredients and eases the care for the board being the material maintenance free.

The Easy deck installation requires Megawood Sub construction beam or suitable wood Sub construction material.

The Sub construction module grid is 40 cm. built in parallel distances.

The board is fixed to the sub construction with screwed fixing Megawood Clamps & Edge clamps with suitable type screws according to the chosen material for the sub construction.

Board laying possible versions:

  • Open laying deck with visible expansion joints created through Megawood clamp system.
  • Closed laying deck in which expansion joints created through Megawood clamp system are closed by special India rubber groove strip.

This performed deck has a continues plane surface look.