Il Ferrone

Cotto Novo

This rustic Florentine cotto paving tiles manufactured with the traditional Impruneta red color is the pioneer material of the factory pretreated tiles, washed, waxed and ready to use after a light acid washing and a last hand

This manufactured material besides being frost resistant, abrasion resistant, UV resistant and pH resistant does not require ant treatment against efflorescence.

The routine maintenance requires from time to time a waxing passage to donate again the brilliance surface of the tiles.

Form & Sizes


  • Square
    30×30 12/14 mm thick
  • Rectangle
    18×36 12/14 mm thick

Stairs elements

  • Trade
    25×35 12/14 mm thick
    35×35 15 mm thickness – Corner piece
  • Skirting
    8×36 12/14 mm thick
    19×42 12/14 mm thick – Skirting shape for trade
  • Water drip
    12x30x5 12/14 mm thick