Il Ferrone

Floor centers

State of art exclusive centerpieces for floors, each one worked as in old days, employing original shapes and particular colorings to tell its own story.

The floor centers are used as in old days to create a very particular and personal print in architectural design.

Manufactured with the traditional Impruneta “Florentine red” color is a particular material which can be used for internal paving as well as for external paving due to its technical data of being frost resistant, abrasion resistant, UV resistant and pH resistant.

Forms & Sizes

  • Montecastelli
    148×148 cm   Ochre/Rose color clay
    205×205 cm   Ochre/Rose color clay
  • Montegrossi
    165×165 cm    Ochre/Rose color clay
  • Montemorello
    123×123 cm   Ochre/Rose color clay
  • Mezzomonte
    123×61,5 cm   Ochre/Rose color clay
  • Montelupo
    123×123 cm    Ochre/Rose color clay
  • Montepiano
    150×150 cm    Ochre/Rose color clay