Il Ferrone


The traditional “Florentine red” hand-made tile undergoes a semi-polishing process at the factory to create floors with a “worn” look. The result is an alternation of brilliant and matt surfaces which, along with subtle shading effects, lends to the architecture design elegance and mood of the splendor of yesteryears.

These tiles are considered state of art products, as the time required for this production piece by piece takes time and can not be compared to machine production and each tile has its own “hands print” look.

Manufactured with the traditional Impruneta red color is a particular material which can be used for internal paving as well as for external paving due to its technical data of being frost resistant, abrasion resistant, UV resistant and pH resistant.

Form & Sizes


  • Square
    25×25 25 mm thick
    30×30 25 mm thick
  • Rectangle
    14×28 25 mm thick
    18×36 25 mm thick