Hp – Indigo

Megawood Ecological floor decking system barefoot boards had been assigned by MILLER-BLUM Environmental planning office from Haifa, and approved by Hp commission as the chosen green boards for external paving and external covering in the project.

The covering deck, as well as the Pergola shading elements, in the new construction building site of 14,000 m² of Hp Indigo in Kiryat Gat, to be opened beginning 2013.

The selection of Megawood solid board is an important achievement for high quality barefoot solid board’s recognition.

Technical data

Megawood Classic solid board 21×145 mm slip resistant, Natural brown color had been chosen for the main stairs leading from sidewalk to entrance level to accent the raisers while going upstairs or downstairs.  Open laying version with expansion joints made with Megawood clamp system donate an impressive gate front to Hp Indigo – Kiryat Gat company.

Megawood Classic solid deck 21×145 mm slip resistant, Nut brown color had been chosen for the main entrance level as well as for recreation area build as internal patio.Open laying version with expansion joints made with Megawood clamp systemleaveon the visitors as on the working personal of hp-indigo  an impressive visually barefoot board surface which feels peaceful harmony within a beautiful planted green landscape architecture.

Metal construction structure assigned to become a shading pergola was covered with Megawood Wave board’s 21×145 mm Nut brown color. The pergola ceiling deck looks ribbed longitudinal lines which donate to the pergola covering peaceful atmosphere to the screened place, while the vision cinerary from the building windows shows an interesting wavy board Pergola covering.

Megawood Classic solid board and Wave board is a grantee for non-flammable material UV resistant&pH resistant.

The deck provides slip resistant value which is free of Deleterious ingredients & Blooming ingredients and eases the care for the board being the material Maintenance free.